To join as member of the Singapore Furniture Association, please download the following application form and submit to us with the relevant documents for us to process your application. Thank You.

SFA Application Form

  1. SFA Membership Application Form (English)
  2. SFA Membership Application Form (Chinese)

SFA Constitution

  1. SFA Constitution (English)
  2. SFA Constitution (Chinese)

FIRAC Application Form

  1. FIRAC Membership Application Form (English)
  2. FIRAC Membership Application Form (Chinese)

Guidelines for Applications

  1. Guidelines for Applications
    • All applications are subject to approval by the Executive Committee of SFA (Meeting are held once every two months). The Committee reserves the right to reject any application without giving reasons.
    • A member whose annual subscription is in arrears and remains unpaid beyond the month from the date on which written notice requiring payment is sent by post, shall cease to be a member of SFA and the Association reserves the right to withhold all correspondences to them.
    • This is an annual auto renewal basis which commences on November of each year. An invoice will be sent to members.
    • A member who wishes to cease his membership is required to give one (1) month’s notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary informing the Honorary Secretary of their intention to resign as a member.
    • Any member who ceases to be a member shall be liable to pay all arrears of subscription due by him at the date of termination of membership.
    • If both SFA and FIRAC membership are applied at the same time, there will be a waiver of $300 for the entrance fee on FIRAC memberships. Should you have any queries/feedback, please feel free to drop us a line and our Secretariat staff will attend to you shortly.